Structured Cabling, wireless, and infrastructure planning are essential to keep every organization running efficiently and smoothly.

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The professionals at RTSS can plan your networking projects. We know the cabling types, hardware and specifications that will enable you to properly plan your environment in a cost effective and accurate manner. We have all the expertise and the right equipment to get you up and running quickly.


Your wiring does not have to be a nightmare, and your electrical panel does not need to look like a birds nest of unknown and unlabelled wires. RTSS has all the skills and testing tools to properly map all of your existing lines. This cleans up lines and secures them peoperly. We test all cable installations for connectivity. We also label your lines and prepare a report showing you their locations.

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Structured wiring is cabling that distributes voice, data and video communication services from a central point over a network of built in cables through the interior walls of your home or business. Entertainment and lifestyle products are developing at a tremendous pace, and as they evolve provide more and more choices. A structured cabling system gives an effective way to integrate and use these changing products to enhance your lifestyle today and tomorrow.


With today's devices, wireless connectivity has become a necessity. It is the only way to allow tablets, smartphones, and other connected devices onto your Local Area Network (LAN).

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Contact the professionals at RTSS to plan your wireless network.